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Market Lane

Market Lane

Light, spacious and a short hop to the waterfront; this location is perfectly set up for a group lunch. The delicious menu has all the fixings to keep you nourished and caffeinated. Pop in for your morning coffee, smoothie or full breakfast or hold a lunch-and-learn while savouring our array of tasty open-face sandwiches. Come relax amongst the bobbling ceiling lanterns and be bathed in sunlight.



1 Market Lane
04 382 9664



Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 8.30am - 4pm 



I find nothing more interesting than the people you meet, so naturally I've always been drawn to the hospo industry. Hospitality is an extremely underrated profession – you can learn some serious life skills, while getting to meet some incredibly awesome people along the way, and you never ever stop learning. Life does not get boring while working in hospo.

If I'm not at work you can find me either at a local craft beer bar trying new brews, or at home chilling with my cats, knitting some scarves.

We're all pretty cool here at Market Lane – so come in and have a chat some time.