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Coffee Subscription - Single Origins

Coffee Subscription - Single Origins

Coffee Subscription - Single Origins


Never run out of fresh coffee again! Every other week, you'll get two of our freshly roasted single origins delivered straight to your door (or office). 
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24 ozTwo 12 oz bags sent every two weeks. (About a two-week supply of beans for 2-4 coffee drinkers). 


You'll be sent a rotating selection of our single origins from two categories (options are subject to change periodically):

~ One of these three;

Colombia, Huila

Smooth, with notes of dark chocolate & nut and a caramel aroma.

Tanzania, Zanzibar

Sweet tobacco aroma, notes of caramel, chocolate, green tea; citric acidity with a juicy body.

Guatemala, Santa Cruz

Caramel, milk chocolate & apple, with a citrus aroma.


~ And one of these four;

Papua New Guinea, Arokara

Dark chocolate, plum and a sweet fruit aroma; a creamy body and winey acidity.

Indonesia, Sumatra Mandheling

Balanced and earthy, with notes of chocolate, cedar, herbs and umami.

Ethiopia, Limmu Organic

Juicy and sweet with a velvety body, notes of red wine, berry jam and a dark chocolate finish.

Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Blueberry, chocolate and strawberry, a floral aroma and clean, consistent, balanced, bright lemony sweetness.


Like one single origin more than another? No problem! Just email us at and let us know your preference in each group, and we will send your favorites.  You can change your mind any time!