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Coffee Subscription - Single Origins

Coffee Subscription - Single Origins

Coffee Subscription - Single Origins


Never run out of fresh coffee again! Every other week, you'll get two of our freshly roasted single origins delivered straight to your door (or office). 
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24 ozTwo 12 oz bags sent every two weeks. (About a two-week supply of beans for 2-4 coffee drinkers). 


You'll get a rotating selection of our 6 single origins:

~ One of these three;

Colombia Huila

Smooth, with notes of dark chocolate & nut and a caramel aroma.

Guatemala Santa Cruz

Caramel, milk chocolate & apple, with a citrus aroma.

Rwanda Kilimbi

Sweet herbs & coconut, a juicy acidity, followed by a fruity aroma.

~ And one of these three;

Uganda Rwenzori Kaswa

Blueberry, strawberry & cocoa with a heavy fruit wine aroma.

Ethiopia Guji Organic

Balanced, tropical fruit, berry, cherry & black tea, with a sweet aroma.

Indonesia Kerinci Honey - AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2021

Chocolate, apricot & cherry, with a sweet & savoury aroma.