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A Flat White in Chicago

Posted by Steve Gianotsos on

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Loved by more than 28.5 million people (mostly New Zealanders and Australians), the flat white is gaining popularity in America - and there's a good reason why. Double shot of espresso topped with just the right amount of velvety milk, this hot drink is strong in espresso flavor yet creamy in mouthfeel. It's coffee perfection.

We recently opened our first cafe on 200 South Wacker in the Chicago Loop and the flat white is a notable favourite among Chicagoans. We weren't sure, at first, how customers would react to a smaller drink size when many are use to Grande and Vente size drinks but our New Zealand style flat white is being embraced into morning ritual's around the loop. This makes us incredibly happy because our customers are discovering new was to drink coffee. After all, being able to share the New Zealand coffee culture drove us to move across the ocean - and the deep dish pizza, that was a huge motivator too. Our cafe Manager says

"Our customers want hand crafted quality coffee - a flat white has the strong flavours of espresso but have the comfort of a latte"