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Moccamaster KM4 TT Grinder - Out of stock until 2022

Moccamaster KM4 TT Grinder - Out of stock until 2022



The key to brewing a great cup of coffee is a consistent uniform grind, achieved with minimal heat. This unique grinding system does just that with its breakthrough in blade grinding technology. The upside-down configuration grinds the beans to the perfect particulate size for even extraction and full, intense flavor and aroma. The grounds immediately fall away from its stainless steel blades into the collection container below, removing all risk of heat damaged grounds. The Moccamaster Grinder is sleek and durable in design, fast and simple to operate, producing one grind size, perfect for all pour-over, drip-style coffee brewers (no more guessing which grind is correct).


Handmade in the Netherlands and backed by an industry leading 5-year manufacturers warranty.


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